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Bridge Timber

IMG_2158Bridge Timber – At Potters Bridge Park in Noblesville, Indiana my objective was to showcase the massive timbers in the bridge structure. However, while I was taking the 12 shots I needed for this photo, two teenagers horsed around at the other end of the bridge. Their constant motion gives a ghost-like appearance to their small “crowd.”


Birches on the Estuary


Birches on the Estuary – The sunset reflects off white birch bark from across Lake Superior, West Bay, and an estuary in Grand Marais, Michigan. Can you see the pier with a lighthouse at the end along the horizon? This is the same one from the other direction in Agate Beach.

Bethany II


More from Hudsonian at the Art Bank:

The interior of Bethany Wesleyan Church near Garfield Park in Indianapolis. Notice the window reflections in the piano… and how they make perfect ovals with the real windows giving the illusion the windows continue behind the pews?

Agate Beach


From Hudsonian While watching the sunset in the west, I turned around to see that the prettier shot was behind me in the east. Can you see the lighthouse at the end of the pier? Taken from Agate Beach in Grand Marais, Michigan on Lake Superior.

Below – That’s me, standing in front of the lighthouse for scale.



Hudsonian at the Art Bank

Hudsonian, [huhd-SO’-nee- ən] adj. 1. Of or pertaining to the Hudson River School of painting in America during the mid-19th century; 2. The aesthetic that features romantic vistas as the main subject, attention to detail that rewards the observant viewer, and a deep spiritual connection between Creator, nature, and artist. See Thomas Cole, F.E. Church, Asher B. Durand, Albert Bierstadt.

HUDSONIAN features 31 works, most of them being exhibited for the first time, that reflect the values and elements of the Hudson River School. In each piece the viewer will find a pay-off for staying with an image longer than a cursory glance. More than an artistic “Where’s Waldo” this body of work goes deep as it invites the public to wrestle with fundamental human concerns: “Who am I? Why am I here? How do society and community work well?”

The posts that follow are some of the works exhibited at the Art Bank during August 2015.



Signature image to Hudsonian at the Art Bank – the iPhonography of Catherine Howie influenced by the Hudson River School.

The path up the back of Bašjakovac Hill overlooking Livno, Bosnia is easy to find. Barely visible in this shot, partly because of the sunshine streaming across the path, and partly because of the ground cover, an ancient stone road cuts through the trees.

On the Way to Gypsy Lake

IMG_0337There is a tiny lake behind the house where I used to live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula– a quick walk through dense woods and down logging trails. The lake remains hidden until the last minute, and if you don’t know it’s there, you can easily walk or drive right by. While the lake is pretty, the walk there is just as glorious.

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